Olympia Grand, London

The 2017 ASM Agenda will focus on Rhinoplasty, Breast Surgery, Practice Management and Controversies in plastic Surgery from an exceptional faculty from all around the world. 

Day One - Thursday 5th October


Breast augmentation

8.15-8.30    President’s Welcome - Mr Simon Withey

8.30-8.40    Recent evidence in breast augmentation - Mr Patrick Mallucci

8.40-8.50    How I plan for breast augmentation - Mr Martin del Yerro

8.50-9.00    How I plan for breast augmentation - Mr Patrick Mallucci

9.00-9.10    Why I prefer using smooth implants, but when I choose to use shaped - Mr Graeme Southwick

9.10-9.20    Why I prefer using anatomical implants - Mr Martin del Yerro

9.20-9.35    Lipofilling for breast augmentation and augmentation mastopexy - Mr Foued Hamza

9.35-9.50    Harnessing fat to improve outcomes in breast plastic surgery   

Developmental breast
9.50-10.05    Management of divergency of the Nipple areola complexes - Mr Martin del Yerro

10.05-10.20  The constricted breast and how I deal with it - Mr Graeme Southwick

10.20-10.40  Panel discussion – breast implants - Mr Graeme Southwick, Mr Martin del Yerro, Mr Patrick Mallucci, Mr Foued Hamza, Dr Per Hedén

COFFEE BREAK 10.40-11.10

Breast reduction and mastopexy

11.10-11.25    Nipple placement in pexy procedures – and what to do if you get it wrong - Mr Patrick Mallucci

11.25-11.40    Approaches to mastopexy – producing consistent results - Mr Graeme Southwick

11.40-11.55    Consistent results in augmentation-mastopexy - Mr Martin del Yerro

12.00-12.15    Vertical scar breast reduction in gigantomastia - Mr Foued Hamza

12.15-12.30    Refinements in breast reduction surgery - Mr Graeme Southwick

Secondary breast surgery

11.45-12.05    Secondary augmentation, including implant replacement and mastopexy (inc. planning) 
12.30-12.40    Tips for correcting implant malposition - Mr Patrick Mallucci

12.40-13.10    Refinements in approaches to the aesthetic breast Inc. correction of small vol asymmetry, Int Mastopexy techniques, transaxillary approach and prob place of fat grafts - Mr Graeme Southwick

LUNCH 13.10-14.00

14.00-14.15    Improving outcomes in non-surgical facial rejuvenation
14.15-14.30    Management of filler complications – tear trough and more
14.30-14.45    Management of toxin complications
COFFEE BREAK – 14.45 – 15.15


Practice management

15.15-15.35    Golden rules produced golden moments - insights over the years! - Mr Graeme Southwick

15.35-15.45    Consumer trends in the marketplace and the relevance to Plastic Surgery practice   

15.45-16.00    Application of the understanding of the decision-making and psychology of the aesthetic patient    

16.00-16.45    Why a non-surgical interest is fundamental to your surgical practice - Mr Graeme Southwick

16.45-17.00    Lessons from across the pond – what the UK could learn from US practices - Mr Bahman Guyuron

Business development

17.00-17.30    Why more of us should be setting up clinics - Mr David Dunaway

17.10-17.20    My personal journey developing a clinic - Mr James McDiarmid

17.20-17.30    My personal journey developing a clinic - Mr JJ Staiano

17.45-18.30    AGM

19.30-23.30    CONFERENCE DINNER

Day Two - Friday 6th October


9.00-9.40      Rhinoplasty practice – my basic principles

9.40-10.00    Managing the deviated nose

10.00-10.30  Sutures and Grafts: types and algorithms

10.30-10.50  Management of over-projected Tip

COFFEE BREAK 11.00-11.30
11.30-11.45   Correction of secondary functional problems in rhinoplasty
11.45-12.15   Correction of secondary aesthetic problems in rhinoplasty

12.15-12.30   Piezo surgery in rhinoplasty   

12.30-13.10   Keys in achieving consistent results & finesse in rhinoplasty
LUNCH 13.10-14.10

14.10-14.30 - HACKETT PRIZE winner & runner up