Olympia Grand, London

BAAPS Annual Scientific Meeting - Programme

The BAAPS 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting will focus on Rhinoplasty, Breast Surgery, Practice Management and Controversies in plastic Surgery from an exceptional faculty from all around the world.

DAY One – 5th October 2017

Panel Style

8.15-8.25     President’s Welcome BAAPS President - Simon Withey 10mins

8.25-9.00     Recent evidence in breast augmentation – ALCL and capsular contracture Anand Deva* and Mark Clemens** 35 mins  *live weblink to Syndey, Australia & Texas, USA** 

9.00-9:10     How I plan for breast augmentation Martin del Yerro 10mins

9.10-9.20 How I plan for breast augmentation Patrick Mallucci 10mins

9.20-9.30   Why I prefer using smooth implants, but when I choose to use shaped Graeme Southwick 10mins

9.30-9:40    Why I prefer using anatomical implants Martin del Yerro   10mins

9.40-9:55     Lipofilling for breast augmentation and augmentation mastopexy Foued Hamza  15mins


9.55-10.15 Management of divergency of the Nipple areola complexes Martin del Yerro  20mins

10.15-10.30  The constricted breast and how I deal with it  Graeme Southwick 15mins

10.30 -10.55  Panel discussion – breast implants (Graeme Southwick; Martin del Yerro, Patrick Mallucci; Foued Hamza)  25mins

COFFEE BREAK 10.55 - 11:10 (15min)


11.10-11.20  B-Lite breast implants – sponsored talk – C&G Biotechnology 10mins

11:20-11.35 Nipple placement in pexy procedures – and what to do if you get it wrong  Patrick Mallucci 15mins

11.35-11.50    Approaches to mastopexy – producing consistent results  Graeme Southwick   15mins

11.50-12:05   Consistent results in augmentation-mastopexy Martin del Yerro   15mins

12.05-12:20  Vertical scar breast reduction in gigantomastia Foued Hamza 15mins

12.20 -12.35   Refinements in breast reduction surgery Graeme Southwick 15mins


12.35-13.05   Nuances in approaches to aesthetic breast surgery   Graeme Southwick 30mins

13.05-13.25  Brain and breast. Time for Thought.  Adam Searle   20mins

LUNCH 13.25-14:55 – VIP Exhibition Tours (1hr30)

IMCAS SESSION/MINIMAL INVASIVE – Chair Ash Mosahebi & Dr Benjamin Ascher

14.55-15.00 – What’s hot from IMCAS – Dr Benjamin Ascher 5 min

15.00-15.15   Fat Grafting with PRP for the face Dr Benjamin Ascher 15min

15.15-15.30   “Accordion-faces" by highly diluted botulinium toxin superficial injections  Dr.Bernard Mole 15min

15.30-15.45 Coolsculpting  Zeltiq sponsored talk 15mins

COFFEE BREAK 15.45 – 16.00 (15min)


16.00-16.30    Keynote Practice Management Lecture – Golden rules produced golden moments - insights over the years!   Graeme Southwick 30mins

16.30-16.50   Allergan business talk - Allergan 20mins

16.50-17.05   Why a non-surgical interest is fundamental to your surgical practice - Graeme Southwick 15mins


17.05-17.30 Keynote Business Development - What cosmetic patients want…. Tom Seery CEO Real Self  25 min

17.30 – 18.30 BAAPS Member’s AGM & Wine Tasting

19.30 – 23.00 BAAPS Annual Member’s Dinner – Kensington Design Museum with Dr Phil Hammond after dinner speaker

DAY Two - Friday 6th October

RHINOPLASTY – Chair – Simon Withey

Panel Style
9.00 -9.40   Rhinoplasty Practice Panel – my basic principles and keys in achieving results and finesse in rhinoplasty
Wolfgang Gubisch,  Nazim Cerkes, Tim Woolford, Julian Rowe Jones -  10 min each 

9.40- 9.55   Sutures and Grafts: types and algorithms Nazim Cerkes 15min

9.55 - 10.10   Managing the deviated nose    Wolfgang Gubisch    15min

10.10-10.25 Management of over-projected Tip  Nazim Cerkes  15min
10.25 - 10.40 - Questions for the Panel 15min

COFFEE BREAK 10.40 -11.00

RHINOPLASTY - Chair - Michael Cadier

11.00-11.15   Correction of secondary functional problems in rhinoplasty  Tim Woolford  15min

11.15-11.30   Correction of secondary aesthetic problems in rhinoplasty Wolfgang Gubisch 15min

11.30-11.45   Piezo surgery in rhinoplasty  Julian Rowe Jones 15min

11.45-12.30   Panel Discussion
Wolfgang Gubisch,  Nazim Cerkes, Tim Woolford, Julian Rowe Jones 45min

(Parallel trainee session – and Hackett prize first round at same time as rhino session – 11.00-12.30)

LUNCH 12:30-14.00 – VIP Exhibition Tours (1hr30)

14.00-14.20 - HACKETT PRIZE winner & runner up


14.20-14.30   Coolsculpting Zeltiq sponsored talk 10min

14.30-14.50   Dealing with the unhappy patient/managing expectations and breaking down of the doctor-patient relationship Graeme Southwick 20min

14.50-15.10   How does the ethical surgeon compete in the marketplace Paul Harris  20min

15.10-15.25   Applying marginal gains to the practice of aesthetic plastic surgery Charles Nduka 15min

15.25-15.35 Why more of us should be setting up clinics  David Dunaway 10min

15.35-15.45 Productivity and control in running your own clinic JJ Staiano 10min

15:45-15.55     Gala Flex/ Ideal Medical Solutions sponsored talk 10min


15.55-16.35   My worst complication – and what I did about it
Graeme Southwick, Martin del Yerro, Charles East, Patrick Mallucci, Tim Woolford, Wolfgang Gubisch, Julian Rowe-Jones,  (5mins each)

16.35.-17.20   My top 5 technical tips in my favourite operations
Graeme Southwick, Martin del Yerro, Charles East, Patrick Mallucci, Tim Woolford, Wolfgang Gubisch, Julian Rowe-Jones  (5min each)

Close of BAAPS Meeting